10 - 13 NOV. 2016

A production of:

We are really very proud to announce Cinema DiVa Film Festival Second Edition.

A year has passed since our first one and we have had a number of important screenings throughout this time and the presence of national and international celebrities: mexican actors José Carlos Ruiz, Eduardo Mendizábal, Alejandro de la Madrid, actress/singer, Morganna Love, directors Hugo Carrillo Brumbaugh and Eustaquio del Río, producer Julio Hernán and painter/singer, Ivonne Guevara; american actor Evan Todd, producer Jed Mellick and singer Jason Brock and from Canada, producer Syrian/Saudy, Waël Kabbani and actor/producer Charlie David.

This year, we will be accomplishing again our goal by screening works of local film directors. We love to be the platform for these to be seen all over the world.

We will be honoured by having the presence of italian soprano, worldwide known Opera Pop Diva, Filippa Giordano.

We are very excited to have a competition: one of our sponsors, CNK POST, will provide an award in post-production work.

As part of our program, we will present the musical "Jesuschrist Superstar" with 25 actors on stage, live orchestra and chorus.

pAgain, a lot of unforgettable moments to come...

Join us

Rodolfo Salazar G.
Cinema Diva Film Festival Director



Public Relations